Monday, October 15, 2007

Scarfs! Vinyls! UMPCs Oh My!

A lot of people seem to like my pillows, but I would really rather not sew anything. It is really time consuming, and takes up a lot of space. So heres an alternative idea: Fleece Scarfs.

They would be very soft, and since its fleece I don't really have to finish the edge as long as i can trim it nicely. I've tried ironing onto them and they seem to work pretty well. I'm planning on having the Insomnia Friends series on them, and maybe start a new "winter theme" version too. At the moment I'm only going to do black scarfs, maybe later I'll stock up on color ones.

Another thing is I may make vinyl iron-ons. The quality may look a lot nicer than ink-jet iron-ons... so we'll see. And I still need to make some of the window decals and vinyls for the next con... which is in... 2 weeks. SHIT. Why nekocon, why?!?!?!

Lastly, at SPX I saw a girl with a tablet PC thing, and the more I look into it, I found that they are called "Ultra Mobile PC", aka UMPC. So I want one, badly. Not sure if it is a wise investment considering I already have a freakin' cintiq!!! But I really wish I could be more mobile... as in I wish I could sit at the couch and draw while watching TV lol.

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