Thursday, October 11, 2007

About Studio ID @ Blogger

This blog is created by Zelas with the intention of recording my anime convention adventures!
Basically this place is for me to jot down new ideas to have at my table, how to set things up, slight con review, etc.

About the name Studio ID:
It was originally a name Shadra D and I thought up, since both our names have "D" (shadra "D" and "D"ty). Also several variations of Studio "Infinit-D" or Studio "I Dunno", etc.
Even though Shadra and I have another 'studio' by ourselves (Second to Nun & Namatako Production), I continue to use the name "Studio ID" whenever signing up for Artist Alley tables for convenience sake and also for making it easier to place our tables next to each other.

Members of Studio ID:
There is me (Dty, aka Zelas), and Shadra. And then there are the honorary members, our friend Brandokay and Squshie. They're all welcome to post on here, though I'm not sure if any of them would actually want to (lol) considering Brandokay isn't going to do more conventions, Squshie rarely go do cons stuff with us, and well Shadra have her own site. No matter, this place welcome all my friends! ^_^

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